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  • 1940 - George Pfalmer purchases the distributorship from Ruth Snyder and starts the Geo. Pfalmer Co. George distributes Coors beer from a warehouse at the corner of Pikes Peak and Cascade. He started the company with 1 truck and 3 employees including himself, his wife Mickey, brother Coke Pfalmer and Harold Jones.
  • 1967 – Company sold to his sons Fritz, Bill and Dick Pfalmer starting Rampart Distributing Co. The warehouse was located on S. Chestnut Street. In 1969 the brothers built a new building on the current site it stands today. That location has been added onto 2 times to accommodate growth and expansion. 
  • 1981 – 1983 Rampart purchases 3 neighboring companies. Their first acquisition consisted of the Canon City Coors Distributorship owned by Jack Patato. The second and third purchases were the Pueblo and Walsenburg distributorships. Pueblo was purchased from Ottie Otterstein and Walsenburg from Lollie Ariano. This expanded their territory to 18,000 square miles, primarily selling Coors Beer with approximately 41 employees. 
  • 1999 – Pfalmers sell Rampart to Pete Betka, Bob Ariano, and Dave West forming RMC Distributing. Concurrent with the formation of RMC, the Crown portfolio is added. Bringing Corona Extra, Modelo, Negra Modelo, and St. Pauli Girl brands. Employee base was also increased to 60. 
  • 2000 December – Miller Brewing Co. brands are acquired from the Zulanas brothers for entire territory. This results in a doubling of the total business and an increase in employees to 115, 26 routes and two warehouses.
  • 2001 – Heineken USA brands acquired 
  • 2003 – RMC purchases small neighboring distributor in the La Junta area  expanding the territory to 28,000 square miles. 

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